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Miracle SeaMoss Gel

Our Irish Moss has been imported directly from the Eastern Caribbean Sea of Saint Lucia. To provide you with the highest quality product, our signature Miracle Sea Moss Gel is made to order to guarantee a refrigerated shelf life of 3-4 weeks.

Keep Refridgerated!!!!!!!

** when using directly on skin/hair please use your better judgment when applying past the set "best if used by" date. 

Ingredients: Irish SeaMoss & Spring Water 

WARNINGS: Do not consume when taking any iodine supplement or blood thinner. If you are taking an iodine supplement, because of the natural high iodine levels you would want to replace one for the other. Please always contact your physician when in doubt. 

Pregnant or Breast Feeding : Please do your own further research. 

DIRECTIONS/How to Consume: 1-2 TBS daily; Mix in with your daily coffee, tea, oatmeal or even blend into your smoothie. Get creative! 

This product ONLY ships on Monday's

Example: If you order on a Wednesday, your Gel will not ship until the following Monday.