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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sea Moss?

Chondrus crispus, or Irish/Sea moss is an edible seaweed found on the shores of the Northern Atlantic. 

How do I consume?

You may mix in with your smoothies, tea, or coffee (our personal favorites). Also can be an additive when cooking. 

Recommended Dosage?

1-2 Tablespoons Daily

How does it taste?

Many people are extremely concerned with the texture and taste of the gel. It is considered a natural thickening agent, however it is not as noticeable as you'd assume. The taste is also extremely mild. Honestly hard to explain, but it taste exactly how it smells. MILD "sea like" flavor :)

I'm pregnant, can I consume?

Unfortunately, no. Affects are unknown therefore not safe for momma or baby. 

I am already taking an iodine supplement, may I consume the gel?

Due to the already natural high levels of iodine you may not consume. You would need to replace your supplement with the gel if you so choose and your physician approves. Or else abstain from using. 

I am currently on a blood thinner, may I consume the gel?

Irish Moss functions as a natural thinner. You should abstain from using.