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Benefits & Consumption/Uses of Sea Moss

16 Benefits of Sea Moss Contains 92 minerals of the 102 total that the human body consists of  COLLAGEN COLLAGEN COLLAGEN (supports hair, skin and nails)  Anti-inflammatory & Joint Support Immunity Booster Rid the Body of Mucus   Supports Healthy Heart & Thyroid Function Promotes Good Digestion Improves Libido  Appetite Suppressor Improves Mental/Emotional Health Natural Energy Booster  Boost Metabolism Great Post Workout Recovery Tonic Strengthens Connective Tissue  Can Improve Sexual Health & Fertility in Men & Women Anemia Relief Consumption/Uses Sea Moss as you can see above has many health benefits. Here are couple ways you can switch up your consumption and usage.  Mix in with coffee, tea or smoothies.  Apply as Face Mask Apply as Hair Mask Can use to...

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